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Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology for every need.

Happy family enjoying a meal outsite together

Hearing Aids in Houston

HEAR Surgical Associates offers comprehensive hearing services and solutions for those in Houston, Spring, and the surrounding areas. HEAR Surgical Associates works with all of the major manufacturers. We carry the most advanced solutions, including Bluetooth hearing aids and rechargeable devices.

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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Fitting

Our team can expertly fit and program your hearing aids to your exact hearing needs. Using the results of your audiogram – your hearing prescription – we will fine-tune your devices to provide you with the right amount of amplification to hear in your environments.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

If something isn’t working right with your hearing aids, bring them in and our hearing instrument specialist can fix them. We can fix most issues in-office quickly. However, if your hearing aids have suffered more severe damage, then we will need to send them to the manufacturer for you to be repaired.

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Hearing Aid Cleanings

To get the most out of your devices, it’s important to clean them every time you take them out of your ears. In addition, it is recommended that you bring your hearing aids in every six months for a professional, deep cleaning.

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Types of Hearing Aids

We carry all styles of hearing aids for sale, including the following:

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Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-Canal hearing aids are reliable and convenient. These have a lightweight feel to them and a flexible fit.

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Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Behind-the-Ear hearing aids put you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

Completely-in-Canal hearing aid illustration

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

Completely-in-Canal hearing aids are sleek and subtle. This technology is molded to the unique contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

In-the-Canal hearing aid illustration

In-the-Canal (ITC)

In-the-Canal hearing aids are discreet and have a glasses-friendly fit with external controls.

In-the-Ear hearing aid illustartion

In-the-Ear (ITE)

In-the-Ear hearing aids are custom molded for you. They are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

Invisible-In-the-Canal hearing aid illustration

Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC)

Invisible-In-the-Canal hearing aids are the smallest hearing instrument available. These are for people who want ultimate discretion while benefiting from the natural acoustics of the external ear.

Open Behind-the-Ear hearing aid illustration

Open BTE

Open BTE are behind-the-ear devices that have an open fit. This type of hearing aid provides amplification via a small tube inserted into the ear canal.