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Ear and hearing disorders.

Audiologist examining a patcient's ear
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Ear Surgery

HEAR Surgical Associates is proud to provide treatment for ear pain and otomastoiditis with specialized ear and hearing surgery in Houston. Surgery of the ear involves the repair of structures that have been damaged from repeated ear infections, otomastoiditis, or trauma. Sometimes the infections are persistent despite medical treatment and it may lead to ear pain or an ear that is frequently draining and unresponsive to conservative management over many years – this is known as chronic ear disease.

Surgical management of chronic ear disease involves variations of three types of procedures:

Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common occurrence in young children and also affect about 20% of adult Americans each year. At Houston Ear Allergy and Rhinology Surgical Associates, services are available to treat acute and chronic ear infections. Board-certified and fellowship-trained ear surgeon, Dr. Said Sana, D.O., specializes in tube placement surgery for adults and kids to improve ear drainage and prevent recurrent infections.

Doctor looking at a patcient's ear

Pediatric Ear Infections

Ear infections are often preceded by a viral cold or allergies. This causes inflammation and congestion in the nose, including the eustachian tubes. When they are swollen, congested, and unable to open to equalize middle ear pressure this leads to the development of negative pressure in the middle ear spaces. This negative pressure draws fluid into the middle ear space from its lining. The stagnant fluid sometimes allows bacteria to grow and this becomes an active ear infection (acute otitis media) and can be very painful.

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Common symptoms of ear infections in young children and infants include crying and fussiness, digging in or tugging at the ears, and drainage.


Treatment ranges from a course of antibiotics to the insertion of ear tubes. Most children will eventually “outgrow” ear infections, however, it’s important to ensure it does not lead to permanent hearing damage from repeated infections or speech and learning difficulties. Your child may benefit from ear tubes if they experience frequent ear infections. They usually remain in place for 6-12 months and often fall out on their own.

Ear Tubes

We offer phone or video ear tube consultations. You may benefit from ear tubes if:


After filling out a brief form, Dr. Sana will contact you for a virtual consultation at a time that is convenient for you. An in-person consultation is also available within two business days.

Dr. Sana will discuss your symptoms, screen for more concerning conditions, determine if a pre-procedure hearing test is necessary, verify candidacy for ear tubes, and answer any other questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, allergies and allergens can cause ear infections. When you experience allergic symptoms, the eustachian tube can get blocked with mucus. This can lead to ear infections, ear pain, and fullness in the ears.

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation if you or your child have the following symptoms: ear pain, ear pressure, and fever that lasts for several days.

Treatment for a bacterial ear infection involves antibiotics. You can also use over-the-counter medications to relieve pain and fever. Antibiotics won’t treat viral infections. Instead, Dr. Sana will recommend rest, fluids, and other home care strategies until the infection resolves.